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VOP Cables

We are here, ready for you

One of our major strengths is our experienced and skilled staff.
From the composition of a financial offer for a big technical
project to the advice on a specialized cable that the project
requires, we are here to serve.

Cable sales

In 2018 more than 18 million meters of cabling
were sold by our company. This, combined
with the great stocking power we have, makes
us the expert in the cable market.

18.018.478 m

of cables were sold in 2018

Οur facilities

In our warehouses of a total area of ​​3,000 sqm
at the two key locations in Greece, Athens
and Thessaloniki, we keep 3,437 product
codes for fast and reliable service.

3.000 m2

of warehouses in Thessaloniki and Athens

Specialized staff

Our staff has the training and the knowledge
to correctly advise you on finding the ideal
cable for your project. With over 40 years of
experience in dealing with any type of technical
project, VOP people take service to a whole new level.


specialised people ready to serve you

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18.018 km
per year