VOP Cables


Cable structure


Core insulation

Core colors

1st shielding

Total shielding

Outer Sheath

Cable external diam. Ø

Bare copper 0.8mm

Polyethylene (PE)

White, yellow, red, black

Polyester foil over standed bundle

Polyester foil, aluminium-lined & drain wire

FRNC, green color RAL 6010

6.6 mm +/- 0.3 mm

Technical Data

Temperature range

Cable weight

Copper weight

Conductor resistance

Insulation resistance

Mutual capacitance

from -30ºC up to +70ºC

54 kg/km

25 kg/km

73.2 Ω/km maximum

0.1 GΩ/km minimum

35 nF/km

| E-BUS 2x2x0.8mm cable


This cable ensures perfect interconnection and it is used for the transmission of BUS signals for intelligent systems into the buildings. It can be layed over in or below plaster, into pipes, in dry, moist and wet areas as long as it is not exposed to the sun.


BUS Cables


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