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VOP Cables


You have an ally for every project

With an experience of four decades in small and great
projects, we know the ideal way to execute. Knowledge, speed,
flexibility and expertise make us valuable allies of
technical companies.

Electrical Equipment Stores

The partners you can rely on

With our specialized sales consultants we stand by the electrical
equipment stores for every small or large need in diversity,
quality and specialized products. The large stock and the two
distribution points in Athens and Thessaloniki make us very
fast in delivery, reliable and flexible partners.


We stand by the electrician every step of the way

Understanding the needs of the electrician to take on increasingly
demanding projects, we bring branded and specialized cables and
fiber optics that are easy to work and offer a competitive
advantage in their work.

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In case you wish to find out
more about a future
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We provide solutions for every demanding application you
design and support you timely, in order to manufacture
it as eficient as possible.

Construction companies

We help you build a better future as you have dream it.